Thursday, July 9, 2009

There Is Hope

Report after report, news flash after new flash, and the economy is getting worse, how can there be hope for anyone? It is all because our hope is not based upon the strength of the government, or of the strength of Wall Street, but it is based on something more valuable perhaps less visible to the uninformed. It is the fact that we have a higher power that has a plan, there is a purpose for all that we face. It is to make us stronger and to cause us to draw closer to our higher power, which is none other than Jesus Christ. Many in our post modern society have tried to discredit the very presence of a God, and have tried to declare everything a happenstance. These same people will say this with all absolution while at the same time stating that there are no absolutes. Yes, God has a plan, and that plan, is His plan and under His control, we really do not have any control over His ultimate plan. The only things we can do is decide how we will respond to His plan. According to the sermon on the mount, Jesus stated that if we seek His righteousness, (Rightness) and His kingdom, or in other words a right relationship with Him, He will add all of our needs on to us. We are also told by God through the words found in Romans 8:28, that all things will work together for the good, for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Again this is telling us that we must have a right relationship with God through Christ Jesus. We must love Him and His will and word for us, which our demonstration of love for Him is to keep His instructions. Finally we are told according to Psalms 37:4 that if our delight is right God will give to us the desires of our heart. God's word is filled with the hope that we need for today, check it out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Patriotism is not just a word but it is a lifestyle. I was impressed on the 4Th, when I returned from my daughters house, a evening with family. As I traveled home I observed every little municipality and small groups, as well as family parties one after another celebrating with food, fireworks, and fellowship. The 233rd year of the our country is certainly no small thing, as history has recorded. No other nation with our style of government has ever lasted as long as the United States of America. This nation was not built strong on the principles of liberality but by the strength of people with integrity, a good work ethic and a great regard for GOD. The post modernism of the present day has turned our society into a majority of unaware, easily influenced mass, lead by a handfull of liberals, with the mentality of "anything goes". I have found that true Patriots also have common ground in a reverent respect for GOD. During the Regan years the Moral Majority impacted the our country and the nation was high on God and Country. It would seem that our country, if you believed the media is only high on personal gain, and at the cost of anyone else that might get into the way. The only true help and freedom that we can count on is found in Christ Jesus.